Becky Peters Kile

Outside of working remotely as a designer/marketing consultant I am a teacher with Autism Improvised, student and most importantly a wife, daughter, aunt, sister, friend and cat mom. 


Before starting this journey I had the absolute blessing of living my childhood dream of being a professional actor for over 20 years.  I love to make people laugh, go outside every chance I get, revel in Disney World magic as much as possible, never turn down coffee, wine or a great bourbon, have no shame in re-watching Grey's, Gilmore Girls or Friends again and again...and as I'm sure my husband will attest to I always have a new hobby I am trying out.

Why Chase That Happy??

I am someone who could be labeled a seeker, a gatherer, a researcher... my way of finding a connection with a topic and I guess answers is to learn as much as possible. Many years ago I was dealing with anxiety and I went on a quest to discover ways people "recharged their happy" so to speak.  One of the people I came across was Ze Frank and the rabbit hole that are his writings.  This video and the idea of always looking for those things that just make you laugh has always stayed with me and the typewriting NEVER fails to make me laugh.  Enjoy and send me your favorite videos!   Chasethathappydesigns@gmail.com