FAQS ... in no particular order and more added when they become frequent

How does the web design process work? 

My process typically goes something like this -  

Step 1:  After you initially contact me I will be in touch to hear more about what you are looking for - first it's a questionnaire then I set up a meeting with you (either by phone, video or in person) to make sure I have all the details I need to develop a quote and an initial design for you.

Step 2:  After you receive the initial quote and design if you like what you see and make the initial (non-refundable) deposit I will get to work on creating your site.

Step 3:  I will design your site and at various stages in development I will send you a link so that you can see the progression of the design and suggest changes you would like to see. 

Step 4:  Once I have finished the design and you love it  - you will make the final payment and then I will publish the site! 

Step 5:  Once the site is live there are a few options as to what happens next (kind of like choose your own adventure!)...   we'll go over these  and how you'd like my help in the future but at this point the site and the design belong to you.   

I know everyone likes to have an idea of where pricing begins so I created sample packages.  BUT since I don't build the same site for everyone, the price isn't the same for everyone.  After we talk I can give you a better idea (before any money changes hands!) 


Additionally, the domain and hosting fees are NOT included in those sample package prices.  Why?  Well, again the hosting plans can differ for everyone based on the platform we are using.  I will include this on your quote. 

On the pricing it page it says "sites start at $$" ...How much does a site cost?

I try my best to keep my prices fair and reasonable, that being said I do offer a referral discount.  If someone has referred you or you found my site through an organization I offered a code to please let me know and I will happily extend the offer. 

Bartering -- I love to share talents!!  While I can't promise I will say yes to every proposed trade I most certainly will consider it! 

Do you offer discounts or barter? 

While I can and have built sites from scratch when I started this business I decided to only offer sites built on "web design" platforms.  I do this for a few reasons: 

       1.  Ease of use -- at the end of a design my clients out right own the design. If they choose to maintain and update it themselves or hire
           someone else to I want it to be easy to understand.

       2. Cost -- Having certain elements ready to go means I don't have to spend extra time "on the back end" building, thus I can keep my costs ?
           down.  At the same time - if I need to build something behind the scenes I can.

Do you build sites form scratch? 

I have built on Wordpress, Wix, Weebly, Squarespace, Bluehost, GoDaddy.  Currently I prefer WIX -- it's the simplest and frankly least expensive way to get a site online.    I am also always learning new things - right now I am learning my way around Shopify, starting an ETSY shop and I am completing additional SEO courses.   

What platforms do you build on? 

Ask me!  It's most likely not listed because no one has asked for it yet!  

I need some help with some administrative tasks, but I don't see it listed? 

I am happy to consult or help with maintenance tasks if you designed a site for your self or if you own your site that another designer created.  Send me the site, tell me what you need and I'll tell you if I can help! 

I already have a site but I needed help updating or changing it...can you help?